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Witch and Hero Interview - Game Producer Mr. Kou and Circle Ent. CEO Chris Chau lay out inspiration and aspirations for upcoming eShop title


Witch and Hero, a new retro styled action game is coming to the North American eShop April 18. Some of the fine folks from Japanese developer Circle Entertainment were gracious enough to answer a few questions for their upcoming game.

As far as gameplay goes, how would you describe Witch and Hero?

Mr.Kou. (Fiyhigh works, Producer): This is a difficult question to answer.

We are a smaller developer and this is our first 3DS game release. We ‘d rather not try and compare our game to other games, we’ll let you decide what games it might remind you of. I remember in the beginning of development we decided to develop a title that would be a familiar experience to players, while also remaining fresh. So we all tried to recall memories from our childhood and asked, “What kind of games did we enjoy playing then? What did they play like, look like, sound like?” The answers to those questions culminated in Witch & Hero.

Chris Chau (CIRCLE Ent. CEO): I agree with Mr. Kou. I’m a big fan of the way the story breaks down, because Witch and the Hero is pretty linear. It’s that old school story, of a hero that must destroy the dungeon boss before saving the princess. However, for this title, you’re not rescuing a damsel, you’re rescuing your helper.

Will Witch and Hero come to other platforms, or was it built with the 3D mechanic in mind?

Mr.Kou: We’re a fan of all platforms, and as far as Witch & Hero is concerned, we could see it coming out on Wii U. It wouldn’t be in 3D of course, but the 3D is just one aspect of it. We feel it’s the gameplay that really sells this game. We could try and fake the 3D with a little artful subterfuge. Anything’s possible right?

Chau: I prefer to seeing 3D models in the game screen. It really keeps the retro feeling we’re going for. 


eShop games vary in size and length, but are usually known for being shorter. How long can we expect Witch and Hero to be?

Mr.Kou: Certainly, Witch & Hero is a casual game, but to completly finish it, it will take a few re-plays. 

I like Nintendo games because they offer hidden worlds after you finish the main game sometimes. In Witch and Hero, after the “First Ending,” players can challenge a deeper level of difficulty with new modes.

Can we expect more retro styled games from Circle Entertainment in the near future?

Chau: Yes, you can expect more retro styled games from CIRCLE, we are now focusing on developments with our development partners. Retro games are the future.

And because this is I Heart Nintendo, what is your favorite Nintendo game?

Mr.Kou: I really like Mega Man and Zelda, especially “Link’s Awakening.” I remember the first time he gets his sword in that game. It was a touching experience I’ll never forget.

Chau: Well, I like  strategy games, such as Age of Empire, Super Robot Wars, Company of Heroes, Total War…etc. I don’t have much spare time but I tend to enjoy them anyway, which is why I’ve been losing lots of sleep lately.