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Kung Fu Rabbit Interview with Neko Entertainment Quality Assurance Manager Sébastien Chipot


Neko Entertainment, the guys behind Puddle on Wii U, are bringing yet another game to the console’s eShop. The adorable (and badass) platformer Kung Fu Rabbit will have 80 detailed levels (as you can see by the screens) that will test your ninja skills to save your disciples from your nemesis: Universal Evil. QA Manager at Neko Entertainment Sébastien Chipot was kind enough to answer a few questions about the upcoming game.

Kung Fu Rabbit hasn’t been dated for US yet. Do you have a launch date set yet?

Sébastien Chipot: The game has been approved by Nintendo and the release date has been set to May 2. We really wanted to have the two versions released at the same time, or at least with one or two weeks after, to avoid frustration from the American players.

I’ve watched the trailer like twenty times, and from the wall jumping and level layout, I kept thinking one thing: Metroidvania. Is Kung Fu Rabbit going to be a fluffier, cuter version of Metroid/Castlevania?

Chipot: There are definitely a lot of influences in Kung Fu Rabbit. I mean we are plateformer lovers. I’ll let someone that worked on the game take this answer though.

Gregory Godin (developer from CTools): Metroid is a fantastic game, and the feeling of freedom in the character displacements is something we really try to mimic in our game. But I would not say Kung Fu Rabbit is like Metroid, it is more focused towards short and intense levels. (answer given by Gregory Godin, from CTools)

What are the biggest changes made to the game from it’s iOS/Android build?

Chipot: Itching to play a version with more accurate, non-touch controls, Neko has taken the game and built a Wii U version that’s optimized for the console. Players will be able to take the fight to Universal Evil using either a Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote or Classic Controller.

Out of the many items the player will be able to unlock for Kung Fu Rabbit, which is your favorite? Which do you think is most essential?

Chipot: I completed the game without using any of the items, but some are really helpful! The best one for me is the “Muzzle.” When you reach the hardest level, some enemies are spit on you. This item allows you to shut their mouths. It’s so fun to walk in front of them and yell “Ah Ah! YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH NOW! Look at me, I am here!”

And because this is I Heart Nintendo, what is your favorite Nintendo game and why?

Chipot: I’m a fan of Nintendo games, not only because I worked for Nintendo of Europe some years ago, but because it was my first console when I was a kid! It’s hard to say which one is the best for me… but I would say “Xenoblade Chronicle” was the best RPG I played for a long time. So epic! The scenario, the graphics, more than 50 hours of game time… It was a really, really nice surprise! And Mario Galaxy of course brings something really new in the platform genre, and it was refreshing to see.