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Unlike most titles who are pushing current gen consoles to their limits, Two Brothers seeks to make old school new again. Two Brothers is one of the most promising titles coming out of (what I’m calling) the Kickstarter Renaissance, and aims to echo the timeless classic action and RPG games from the GameBoy era. The Ackk Studios production was funded last September, and is currently coming to the PC, iOS, Xbox 360, and the Wii U. Lead Composer and Writer for the title Andrew Allanson was kind enough to answer a few games for the upcoming title. 

Is the GameBoy era your favorite generation of video games? What are some of your favorites games from that generation?

Allanson: GameBoy ties with Super Nintendo as my favorite era of games. As for my favorite GameBoy games I would say: Links Awakening, Final Fantasy Adventure, Super Mario Land 2, and Pokemon Silver.

It’s hard to grasp exactly how Two Brothers will play according to the few gameplay screens and footage we’ve seen. Are there any classics that you took inspiration from, or elements from certain games you wanted to echo in the game?

Allanson: The game is an Action RPG with a little bit more focus on the action than the RPG. It’s an RPG in terms of characters, gameplay flow, and story scope, but there are no EXP points. You can upgrade your character’s health and moves, it just doesn’t use traditional methods of doing so. It feels a bit like Zelda, but it’s closer to Secret of Mana as the combat is a little bit more about timing than the hack-n-slash methods. 

You mentioned that after Two Brothers, your next project would be sort of a “3D Earthbound.” Can you tell (or show) us a little more about this title: suffice it to say, you’ve piqued everyone’s interest, including my own.

Allanson: It will hopefully be released early 2015. It’s a modern day RPG, the game opens January 1st 1999 at 12:01 AM. It’s turn based, and we plan to cover a large plethora of emotions in the story. We’ll be showing screenshots sometime this summer!

Despite it being one of the main aspects of the game, did you find it challenging making a game without the full spectrum of color?

Allanson: I think in a way, it’s actually make it a little more interesting for us. The challenge of working in black in white really forces us to rely on good design to make the visuals interesting. If something looks good in black and white, it’s going to look awesome in color. So that was our main rule. Make it look good at it’s worst, and it will be awesome once it’s touched by colored light. 

And lastly, because this is I Heart Nintendo, what is your favorite Nintendo game and why?

Allanson: Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask. Mainly because the game is creepy, epic, and the world feels so alive. I love how every character feels important and really has a story to tell. The feeling of impending doom is quite unique as well.