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In 2011, Spanish game developer Francisco Téllez de Meneses sought out to make a game that would pay homage to Maze of Galious on the MSX. Unepic stars Daniel, who through a chain of events that leads to him being dragged into Harnakon’s Castle, a 200 room labyrith full of enemies and puzzles to solve. The game was released in October of 2011 for PC (under many different “pay as you want” levels), and is currently being ported to the Wii U. Téllez was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Wii U port, and even a little more about his retro styled epic.

How would you describe Unepic who has never played the game before?

Téllez: It is a 2D castle game like the classic Castlevanias that includes a RPG component like Diablo. Everything runs under an original and funny story where Dani, the main character, is a guy who was playing RPGs with his friends and, due to unknown reasons, he had a big hallucination of being the hero in a castle. He is a geek juxtaposed in a fantasy castle and will act like any geek should, and this will be shocking for all creatures in that castle.

How will the game utilize the Wii U gamepad? Do you think the game is a natural fit on the Wii U?

Téllez: The character will be controlled using the common buttons: move with cursors and jump/attack/interact with the A,B,X,Y action buttons. Moreover Unepic is using the touchscreen in the pad to show info (quests, status, …) and will also include 18 virtual buttons that are used as shortcuts to spells, weapons and potions, that each user can customize depending on his/her needs. This touchscreen has been very useful to get rid of pannels on TV (that kills the dark ambiance) will give access to a lot of spells without opening menus thanks to those buttons.

Your production blog states that the porting process began in January, with hopes to be done by May. Is there a chance we’ll see Unepic on the eShop channel before the end of May? 
Téllez: We started on January and in April we had a running version that was shown at Nintendo’s IDEAME event in Madrid. The porting is nearly finished, but it will need a lot of gameplay testing, especially with the Wii U gamepad. We also have to include all Nintendo’s requirements (messages, icons, etc). Lastly, the game must pass the Quality Test of Nintendo and this takes some time. So I’m afraid that the game will come out a bit later. It all deppends on how much time we need to set the gameplay and to pass Nintendo’s tests.
Like the games that it’s been compared to (Castlevania, Diablo, Metroid etc) the game has tons of weapons, over 200 in fact. Which is your personal favorite and why?
Téllez: I am more partial to wands. I like spells, and one of my favorite spells is “skeleton control” where you can control skeletons and make them fight for you. Another one that I love is the “phase door” spell that teleports you the end of a platform, so you can always escape if an enemy is too close. 
And lastly, because this is I Heart Nintendo, what is your favorite Nintendo game and why?
Téllez: I must admit that I am not used to Nintendo, even consoles. I’m a noob and I don’t have any console at home. However 10 years ago I asked a friend to lend me his GameCube to play one from StarWars: Rogue Squadron. I really enjoied that game where I was the pilot of a few Star Wars vessels in scenes of the movies, like the attack to the Death Star. That was cool.