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Demon King Ganondorf Looms Over the Battlefield and Looks Fabulous Doing So

What’s the word to describe Ganondorf’s new haircut? At the risk of sounding cliche, I have to go with “Fierce.” I may be the odd one out, but I’m digging the heck out of that bright red mane. He might be wielding two swords, but his arsenal no doubt includes a few bottles of Vidal Sassoon. 

While Ganondorf’s reveal was awesome, it wasn’t all we learned from the 26 minute video. Here’s a quick recap of the new stuff revealed.

  • Weapons will not only be used in battle, but to advance in levels. Ex: Hookshots will allow you to reach high places, Bombs will remove obstacles.
  • Cucco’s are just as deadly in HW as they are in past games. If you provoke them enough, they will strike back. However, under certain conditions they will help you attack your enemies. 
  • Darunia will be dancing. He’ll be dancing a lot. 
  • Zant and Ghirahim will be playable.
  • New Weapons: Fire Rod for Link, Wind Waker for Zelda, and Deku Stick for Lana. Link was also shown wielding a Chain Chomp.
  • Bombchus are Massive in HY. Explosions are equally as massive.
  • Battlefields will include Skyloft, Lake Hylia, and Twilight Field.
  • Monsters will drop materials that can be crafted into badges to power up characters. 
  • The Moon from Majora’s Mask can be dragged down with a hookshot to squish enemies. 
  • Adventure Mode will pose challenges on a board that looks like the original Legend of Zelda. This is a great way to find treasure and unlock new characters.
  • Gold Skultulas will be hunted in this game in the same vein as OOT. 
  • In 2 player mode, each player will have their own screen. One on the T.V., one on the gamepad. Off TV mode will still be available. 
  • Costume Sets will be available for Link, Zelda and Ganon to play as their Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword iterations. Ganon’s Costume Set will be available by registering your game with Club Nintendo. The other Costume Sets will be DLC for preorders.

Check out the Direct for yourself here. But seriously, respect the mane. Respect the glorious Crimson Mane. [❤]

Preorder: Hyrule Warriors, Hyrule Warriors Guide


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