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New 3DS Commercial Offers Up Close Look at Console Re-design

Check those ghost hands work that new second control stick. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how sexy the Super Famicom styled New 3DS is. 

Oh, and good news to those of you in Australia: you’ll be getting the console re-design this year on Nov. 21.

Now if those of us stateside can get a release date. Check out the new trailer here. [❤]

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Bask in Glory of Three New Limited Edition 3DSXL Systems 

Some info concerning the newly announced systems.

  • Super Smash Bros. Edition: Out September 19 featuring many of the fighters from the upcoming Smash Bros. title. Available in red and blue.
  • NES Edition: This sexy system is fashioned like the system that started it all. Even the box is NES themed. Available Oct. 10.
  • Persona Q Edition: Designed like the iconic Grimoire tome. 

It should be noted that none of these editions come with games packed in. Every single one of these will be a GameStop exclusive and sold for $199.99.

I’m wondering what the logic is for selling such lovely system editions when a redesign is on the horizon. We can still expect at least two of these to sell like crazy. [❤]

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