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Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo Review - Go get ‘em Mr. Nibbles


Do Saturday morning cartoons exist anymore? I mean, in the same way as they existed in the ’80s and ’90s? Maybe in the era of Netflix we don’t need to sit in front of a T.V. with a bowl of Trix and watch Tiny Toons until we’re cross-eyed. Still, there’s something about that old Saturday morning ritual that puts a smile on my face, much in the same way Super Acorn 3D Turbo did.

The platformer stars Mr. Nibbles, whose stash of acorns have been stolen by some sneaky woodland creatures. Five minutes into the game I had already chuckled a few times. The characters presented are goofy to say the least, in the best possible way: obese bees who are mad for no reason, raccoon’s with domino masks, and what I can only describe as bluebird beatniks. 

The gameplay is simple: collect all the acorns in a level  before time runs out. On occasion you must also recover a few lost brood, who for some reason are running away from you. To help you traverse the seasons and prevent starvation for you and your family, you are armed with nothing but a little moxie and a rope that allows you to swing about. In lieu of powerups, Mr. Nibbles has hats. Hats that make him fast, hats that make him jump high, hats that make him invincible. 

Levels started off pretty easy, but there were a few nail biters before the end of the first world (divided into years). Mr. Nibbles handled well, whether he was crawling, jumping, or swinging. 

The game is incredibly beautiful, especially by eShop standards. It’s the first game from the eShop that I played with the 3D slider on max during every play session. Too often do developers treat 3D as an afterthought. This, luckily for us is not one of those times. 

The main game can be beaten in less than two hours (not including the challenges) if your savvy, but that’s only if you’re not sticking about and taking it all in. There are plenty of extras. Once you collect all the acorns in a level, you can traverse around the same level and collect fruit to unlock different costumes. There are challenges that involve accomplishing tasks within a small amount of time. The game even has a few in game achievements that made me double take: I almost thought I was playing a game on Xbox Live Arcade. In short, there’s plenty to do.


I’m having a hard time finding something wrong with this game. Sure, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but it’s presented in such a charming way, from the charming graphics to the goofy characters. I found plenty to love here, and I’m sure you will too.