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This New 3DS Commercial Is all Kinds of Weird, Awesome

You get a makeover. You get a makeover. Bowser? Yup, even you get a makeover. A weird post-modern hipster makeover.

This awesome new Japanese ad is plugging one of the New 3DS’s functionalities: customizable faceplates. Check out the commercial here. Yes, plan on seeing many more gifs from this ad in the future. [❤]

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The Mario Sports Title That Almost Was

If that animation looks like Yoshi playing volleyball, it’s because he is.

Unseen64 uncovered “Super Mario Spikers,” a title that would have meshed volleyball and wrestling on the Wii.

The Mario Sports market isn’t exactly super saturated…yet. I think we’re about due for a Mario Volleyball. With or without the wrestling. [❤]

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Amiibo Figurines Available for Preorder Now

It’s a toy. It’s a peripheral. NO IT’S BOTH.

These figurines will be compatible with Smash Bros. 3DS, Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and many more titles when they launch this Holiday season. 

Amiibos will also be compatible with many 3DS games as we found out this morning with the reveal of the New 3DS systems.

Every Amiibo available at launch is available for pre-order at Amazon, at $12.99 a pop. Will you collect them all? There’s going to be some serious wrestling with my wallet in the near future. [❤]

Preorder: Mario Amiibo, Peach Amiibo, Villager Amiibo