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Adventures of Pip Kickstarter Open

What a charming looking platformer! 

This 2D side-scroller is made by  Tic Toc Games, and they’re only asking for $40,000 and if funded, will guaruntee a release on Wii U (as well as Mac and PC platforms).

40k is a pittance as far as Kickstarter is concerned (cough Mighty No. 9) and the team looks to be using what little they have and forming it into something quite beautiful. Toss a few sheckles their way, yeah? Check out the Kickstarter page here. [❤]

Rumor: Nintendo Working on a Remaster Title for 2015

This rumor comes from a fellow who predicted Devil’s Third for Wii U. For those of you who don’t speak French, here’s what @NicoWav tweeted out earlier today.

You’re gonna love it, but it’s a Remaster. It’s perfect to fill gaps inthe line-up. Really, Big N [Nintendo] will have one game per month in 2015.

Any guesses on which title Nintendo is remastering next? The fan favorite seems to be Majora’s Mask. While I wouldn’t mind that one bit, I’d love to see an HD version of Metroid Prime or Paper Mario 2. [❤]

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Mega Man 5 Out Now + Much More Mega Man on the Way

The NES title is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console 4.99.

There’s plenty more Mega Man goodness to be had this month. Every thursday in August, another Mega Man title will be released, repeating the glory of Mega May all over again. The other titles offered this month will be:

  • Mega Man 6
  • Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge
  • Mega Man X3

All this love for Mega Man and we’re not even sniffing a new title yet. Some nights I wake up in a cold sweat remembering that Mega Man Universe was going to be a thing. [❤]

Shovel Knight Release Trailer In Action


I can’t stress how pumped I am for Shovel Knight. I’m talking a first-party Nintendo release level of excitement. Perhaps it’s because Shovel Knight is not only going to be awesome, but a love letter to classics on the NES. 

Shovel Knight will be available for download on 3DS, Wii U and STEAM this Thursday, June 26. See the launch trailer here. [❤]

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