How do You Get to Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64?

Hideout Helm is the eighth level in Donkey Kong 64 and is a part of K. Rool’s Mobile Island Fortress. It is considered to be the last regular level of the game before you start to make your way to the end game. However, it isn’t always obvious how to access Hideout Helm, especially since it appears so late into the game. After all, there are quite a few requirements that you need to meet before gaining access to this level, and it can quickly become confusing trying to figure out exactly how to get there. 

Thankfully, all of your Hideout Helm questions will be answered in this guide. From telling you how to gain access to the level to some of its main features, here is the definitive guide on how to get to Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64. 

How to Enter Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64 

Hideout Helm is located inside K. Rool’s Mobile Island fortress, which acts as the base of operations for the Kremling Krew. To enter the level, you first need to collect the first seven boss keys to unlock the first seven locks on K. Lumsy’s cage. This will open the entrance at the top of the island, which resembles King K. Rool’s own mouth. 

The only way to reach this entrance is via a Monkeyport pad at the bottom of the island. Opening up this way requires the Sniper scope from Funky’s Store, the Gorilla Gone potion, which can be obtained at Cranky’s Lab, and a minimum of 100 Golden Bananas. Once you have unlocked each of these requirements, you will be able to ride the Monkeyport pad to the top of the island, where you will be able to enter Hideout Helm. 

What Can You Do in Hideout Helm? 

Just like with the other eight worlds in Donkey Kong 64, Hideout Helm is a sprawling level filled with countless (or close to it) collectibles, dangerous foes, and plenty of action for all five of the playable Kongs – Donkey Kong, Chunky Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, and Diddy Kong. 

Interestingly, when it comes to collectibles, Hideout Helm doesn’t have any regular bananas to collect. Instead, it has five Banana Medals and an unlimited supply of Crystal Coconuts to help the Kongs overcome the various challenges. 

Here is what each Kong is capable of doing to save the island in Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 

Donkey Kong is capable of operating the Bongo Blast, which is found in the first room of the core of Hideout Helm. To take down the core, each of the five playable Kongs must collect one of the five Banana Medals. 

The first Banana Medal is locked behind a force field that will cause Donkey Kong damage if he comes into contact with it. Instead, you need to deactivate this force field by shutting off the power in the room. The only way to achieve this is to conquer two challenge barrels that were designed by K. Rool himself. Doing so will turn off the yellow stream of power, causing the force field to deteriorate and ensuring that Donkey Kong can now collect the Banana Medal. 

Chunky Kong 

Chunky Kong needs to use Triangle Trample to unlock the second room in Hideout Helm’s core. Inside this second room are a Kremling and a Klaptrap, both of whom need to be defeated. Just like with Donkey Kong, Chunky Kong has to overcome two challenge barrels to switch off the green stream of power and collect the Banana Medal. 

The first challenge barrel is called Hide and Smash, where Chunky Kong has 20 seconds to break a bunch of boxes in order to find the hidden Kremling lurking inside of one. The second challenge barrel is called Stand and Snipe, where Chunky is tasked with shooting down five Kremlings using the sniper scope on his Pineapple Launcher within 30 seconds. 

Tiny Kong 

Tiny Kong opens the third room by using Saxophone Slam. They only need to defeat a single Klump and beat the two challenge barrels in order to shut off the purple stream of power and unlock the Banana Medal. 

The first challenge barrel is called Ponytail Path, where Tiny has to use her Ponytail Twirl ability to glide between different boxes and collect three DK stars without touching the ground – all within 30 seconds. The second challenge barrel is called Fungus Flight and is similar to the Ponytail path in the sense that Tiny Kong has to collect three DK stars within 30 seconds without touching the ground. The main difference is that Tiny Kong is bouncing between mushrooms, with the DK stars levitating in the sky. 

Lanky Kong 

Lanky Kong is able to enter the fourth room of the Hideout Helm’s core by using the Trombone Tremor. He needs to complete the two challenge barrels, Lightspeed Labyrinth and Zinger Zapper. Lightspeed Labyrinth involves lanky navigating a maze within 25 seconds, whereas zinger zapper involves him defeating three Mecha-Zingers within 30 seconds. 

Diddy Kong 

Finally, Diddy Kong must use the rocket barrel blast to reach the final room in the core of Hideout Helm and complete the final two challenge barrels. The first of these barrels is caused by Search and Slam and involves Diddy Kong activating different switches. The second is called sky sniper and involves Diddy Kong shooting four aerial switches within 45 seconds. 

And there you have it. That is how you access Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64 and how you can defeat its five main rooms within its core to deactivate the power and get hold of all five Banana Medals. 

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