How to Catch Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen

Ah, Chansey! Everyone’s favorite pink egg-shaped Pokemon is absolutely impossible to find and even harder to catch. Well… absolutely impossible may be a bit hyperbolic, but there is no denying that Chansey is one of the hardest Pokemon to get into your team.

While Chansey is difficult to obtain in all games they feature, perhaps the hardest of them is none other than Pokemon LeafGreen. This Gameboy Advance remake of the original Pokemon Blue for Gameboy has Chansey listed on the Pokedex as #113. The 13 is apt, as there is a lot about this particular Pokemon that is unlucky. There is no denying that Chansey lives up to its name of being ‘Chancey’ when trying to catch, but with enough patience and skill, you will become the proud owner of one of these little fluff-balls. 

Let us explore the best way to catch Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen

What is Chansey 

Before we dive any further into how to catch this particular Pokemon in LeafGreen, let us first discuss who this Pokemon is and why you would want to catch it. 


Simply put, Chansey is adorable. There are no two ways about it. All Chanseys are female, with no male counterpart in the Pokedex. Their design is round, pink, with a cute little tail, feet, and tendrils on its head. However, its defining feature has to be the egg pouch on its front. So cute! 

Chansey is a happy Pokemon who does not share its eggs with anyone who holds evil in their heart. Their friendliness is evident in their welcoming smile, kind eyes, and joyous disposition. 

In terms of Chansey’s actual abilities, they are a normal-type Pokemon who holds the item of Lucky Egg in Pokemon LeafGreen. This item allows whichever Pokemon has it to gain 150% of the experience it would otherwise obtain. There is no denying this is a handy item; however, there is only a 5% chance that your Chansey will own one. 

The base state for Chansey is as follows: 

  • HP: 150 
  • Attack: 
  • Defence: 5
  • Speed Attack: 35 
  • Speed Defence: 105 
  • Speed: 50 
  • Total: 450 

Chansey is damaged normally by most types of Pokemon but is twice as weak to fighting-type, immune to ghost-type, and resistant to none. Its abilities include Natural Cure or Serene Grace, Healer, and a Hidden Ability.

In essence, there are plenty of great reasons you want to catch this Pokemon. Its design is excellent, it can provide some handy healing powers to your team, and you will be one step closer to filling out your Pokedex once you lock this one away. 

However, the Pokemon LeafGreen Pokedex description for Chansey paints an ominous picture for your odds of catching one. It reads: 

“A rare and elusive Pokemon that is said to bring happiness to those who manage to get it.” 

While Chansey may bring happiness to anyone who gets hold of one, happiness is probably not the emotion that many will feel during the process of trying to catch it in Pokemon LeafGreen

Where to Find Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen 

Part of what makes Chansey so hard to catch in Pokemon LeafGreen is that you can only find them in a single location. While the original Pokemon Red and Blue had Chansey available in both the Safari one and Cerulean Cave, LeafGreen only has them available in the former. 

The Kanto Safari Zone is a preserve that holds special Pokemon like Chansey. The Safari Zone is owned by Baoba and is located north of Fuchsia City. To enter the Safari Zone, you must first pay 500 credits. Once inside, you will be limited to 600 steps before the game ends, and you are sent to the Safari Zone’s entrance once again. 

Once inside the Safari Zone, you can no longer use your Pokemon to do battle. Instead, you are given 30 Safari Balls to try and capture any wild Pokemon you come across. This includes Chansey, who you can find in Area 2 of Kanto’s Safari Zone. 

To demonstrate how difficult it is to catch Chansey in the Safari Zone of Pokemon LeafGreen, here is a list of all the Pokemon you can come across in Area 2 of this zone with their respective appearance rates, in order from most likely to least likely: 

  • Nidoran – 25% 
  • Exeggcute – 20% 
  • Paras – 15%
  • Rhyhorn – 15% 
  • Kangaskhan – 15%
  • Venomott – 5%

Chansey – 4% As you can see, our friend Chansey is at the bottom of the list. The problem is, not only is Chansey incredibly to find in the Safari Zone, but the chances of actually catching one aren’t great either. You only have an 8% chance of catching one, and that is if the Chansey stays around for long enough to be noticed. Many simply flee early on into the encounter, not even giving you the chance to attempt to catch it. This is all compounded by the fact that all you have at your disposal are Safari Balls, which don’t offer the best catch rate. 

Basically, catching a Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen is tough. 

How to Catch a Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen

The answer to this question is luck. Lots and lots of luck and patience and the determination to try time and time again. 

You can try throwing a rock and some bait at the Chansey to slightly increase your chances of catching one, but the odds are ultimately stacked against you. Nothing is impossible, and you will eventually catch a Chansey, even though a lot has to go right for you for that to happen. 

And there you have it! While catching a Chansey is certainly an uphill task, the satisfaction of finally pocketing one is one of the most euphoric feelings you can experience while playing Pokemon LeafGreen. Good luck!

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