How to Cut Down Trees in Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is a 2005 Gameboy Advance game that acted as the solitary culmination of Gen III, which began in 2003 with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The game is the best way to experience the Hoenn region and is still beloved by Pokemon fans all over the world today. Its storyline is engaging, its collection of Pokemon is varied, and exploring the Hoenn region is rewarding. 

As you start poking around the different routes in the Hoenn region, you are likely to come across various trees that look slightly different from the other vegetation around them. These trees are slightly smaller and are often concealing a hidden path behind them. A hidden path that cannot be reached without first cutting down the trees. 

But how does one cut down these trees in Pokemon Emerald so they can access all the hidden goodies that lie in waiting on the other side? Well, they need to obtain the HM (Hidden Machine) “Cut” and teach it to one of their Pokemon? But where do you find “Cut,” and what do you need to achieve first before you can unlock this useful ability? Thankfully, this guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can start chopping down those pesky trees that block your path in Pokemon Emerald

Defeating Roxanne in the Rustboro Gym 

Before you have any hope of obtaining the HM “Cut” in Pokemon Emerald, you first have to obtain the Stone Badge. This is the first badge in the game and can be acquired after completing the Pokemon Gym in the city of Rustboro. 

The Rustboro gym is the first Gym in the game, meaning it is quite simplistic compared to the ones that come after it. Indeed, the Gym should only take about ten minutes to complete, even with the basic Pokemon you will have at your disposal so early into your adventure. 

The main thing you need to know about the Rustboro Gym is that it is heavily based around rock-type Pokemon. In Pokemon Emerald, you will have to confront three different trainers on your way to the Gym Leader, Roxanne. The three trainers and their Pokemon’s details are as follows: 

Youngster Josh

  • Geodude, Level 10, No Item 

Youngster Tommy

  • Geodude, Level 8, No Item 
  • Geodude, Level 8, No Item 

Hiker Marc

  • Geodude, Level 8, No Item 
  • Geodude, Level 8, No Item 

Once you have defeated these three trainers, you will confront the Gym Leader, Roxanne. The reward for beating her is $1500 and the Stone Badge, but you need to keep your wits about you in order to defeat her in the first place. 

Unlike the other trainers in the Rustboro Gym, Roxanne has three Pokemon on her. The first two are both level 12 Geodudes, neither of which are holding an item. Watch out for their ‘Tackle” and “Rock Throw” attacks and their “Defense Curl” ability which can make it really tricky in order to deal damage. 

Roxanne is also in possession of a level 15 Nosepass. This rock-type Pokemon has the nasty “Rock Romb” attack, which deals damage and lowers your Pokemon’s speed by one stage. With 80% accuracy, you really want to watch out for this Pokemon once Roxanne brings them into the fold. 

As with any boss battle during the early stages of a Pokemon game, defeating Roxanne is a question of patience, smart decision-making, and just a little bit of luck. The fight isn’t too difficult at all, as long as you have been leveling up your Pokemon at an appropriate rate before heading into the Rustboro Gym. 

Now that you have defeated Roxanne, you can claim that all-important Stone Badge and use it to unlock the tree-felling HM “Cut.” 

How to Unlock “Cut” in Pokemon Emerald 

Congratulations! You have completed the first Gym in Pokemon Emerald, and you are well on your way to conquering the many adventures in the Hoenn region. But before you leave the city, there is something you have to do first. 

Enter the house in Rustboro with an ”X” on its front door, next to the Pokemon center. Inside, you will find a man standing next to a table. He is the only NPC in the building, so go over and talk to him. 

You will learn that his name is Denis, and he will give you the HM01 “Cut”, which will be stored away in your TMs & HMs pocket. 

You now have the HM “Cut,” allowing you to finally cut down those annoying small trees that have been impeding your exploration this entire time. Simply exit the house and the city of Rustboro and get cutting!

How to Use Cut in Pokemon Emerald 

By teaching “Cut” to one of your Pokemon, they can now use it as an offensive move in battles that will deliver a small amount of damage. However, the real value of this HM is in its use outside of battles. With “Cut” at your disposal, you will now finally be able to cut down small trees that block your path on certain routes throughout the Hoenn region. 

Simply walk up to a tree, press the “A” button, and a dialogue box will appear asking you if you would like to cut down the tree or not. Say yes and swing away as a new path will be opened up before you. 

“Cut” can also chop down tall grass, which can be useful for clearing a path in front of you if you do not wish to trigger random encounters while walking through the routes. 

Start Cutting Down Trees in Pokemon Emerald 

And there you have it. That is how you can find and obtain the HM “Cut” in Pokemon Emerald so you can start feeling small trees that have been standing between you and your adventurous spirit. Nothing will stop you now from seeing what lies on the other side of those trees during your travels in the Hoenn region. 

Where to play Pokemon Emerald

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