How to Get a Bike in Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green is the Gameboy Advance remake of the original Pokemon Blue and introduced the iconic first generation of gamers to a whole new audience of gamers. There are so many fun things about Leaf Green – from its amazing roster of Pokemon, complex battle mechanics, and overall sense of whimsy and adventure.

One of the best parts of the original generation of Pokemon was how much it captured that feeling of being a child undertaking an epic journey with their friends. And one of the coolest parts about being a child is the endless hours spent riding around your neighbourhood on your bike. So, when you discover that you can explore the Kanto region on a bike, it suddenly makes this whole adventure feel just that bit more magical.

But how do you get a bike in Pokemon Leaf Green? At what point in the game do you get access to this exceptionally fun two-wheeled vehicle that makes traversal so much snappier? All of these questions and more will be answered in this walkthrough.

How to Get a Bike Voucher in Pokemon Leaf Green?

Before you have any hope of obtaining a bike in Pokemon Leaf Green, first, you need to come into possession of a bike voucher. Where do you find a bike voucher, we hear you ask? Well, to find one you will need to trek to the peaceful seaside town of Vermilion City.

Vermilion City is the fourth city you will come across in your adventures through Kanto, right after visiting Cerulean City (more on that later). While Vermilion City may be best known for its harbour, its construction site, and of course, its gym, in the west is the Pokemon Fan Club. You can find this building just above the Vermillion City Gym.

The Pokemon Fan Club is a popular mainstay of the series, with at least one club house found in each region. The organisation provides a place for people to gather to talk and share stories about their favourite Pokemon. Essentially, its like an in-game Pokemon convention gathering that I think we would all like to be invited to.

Once inside the Vermilion City Pokemon Fan Club, you will find an old man just bursting to express his love of Pokemon. While you would normally try to avoid such a fanatic in real life, unfortunately, if you want that bike voucher, you got to let him talk.

And talk he does. You see, this old man is actually the Fan Club Chairman, and boy, does he have some super fun Pokemon anecdotes to share with you (that was sarcasm, by the way). Once he begins talking, he will drone on and on about his favourite Pokemon – namely the Rapidash and Fearow. Once he has finally stopped yapping on, he will present you with a bike voucher and you are now one step closer to having the bike of your dreams.

Obtaining the Bike in Pokemon Leaf Green

So, you have the bike voucher. Great for you! Now it’s time to cash in that voucher and get a sweet new pair of wheels.

But in order to go forwards, you are going to have to go backwards. Not by far, mind you. Only to the city you visited before arriving in Vermilion City, Cerulean City. Here, you will find the bike shop in the southwest of the city.

It is possible you visited this shop when you first arrived in Cerulean City, and while the concept of owning a bicycle in the game certainly intrigued you, there was no way you were going to afford what they had to offer.

And I mean, you literally cannot afford the bicycle using the standard in-game currency. You see, while the bicycle costs a whopping $1,000,000, you can only ever hold up to $999,999 in Pokemon Leaf Green. This mean, even if you save up every penny for hours and hours on end, you are also going to come up just short.

But ridiculously expensive prices won’t hold us back from realising our childhood dream of riding a bike in Pokemon no longer. Because we have a bike voucher, and by presenting it to the Bike Shop guy in Cerulean City, you will finally be in possession of your very own bicycle.

How to Use a Bicycle in Pokemon Leaf Green

Hooray! You now have a bicycle in Pokemon Leaf Green. With it, you can now zip around the Kanto region at a brisk pace – all you have to do is select the item from your inventory, and you’ll be cycling around in no time.

The greatest benefit of using a bicycle in Pokemon Leaf Green is the speed it offer. Indeed, cycling is the fastest form of land travel in the game – quicker than walking, running, or skating. Additionally, using the bicycle also increases the wild Pokemon encounter rate, so if you need to get through some quick grinding, then this is a lightning-fast way to generate battle after battle.

 There is also a cycling road in the Kanto region which can only be traversed using a bicycle. The cycling road is also known as Route 17 and is located in the western part of the region.

That’s How You Get a Bicycle in Pokemon Leaf Green

And there you have it – all you need to know about obtaining a bicycle in Pokemon Leaf Green. There is no denying that the bicycle is one of the coolest items that you can collect in the game, as its fast traversal, increased encounter rate, and general ‘awesome’ factor makes it a necessary inclusion in any player’s inventory.

While the steps to getting a bicycle aren’t the most complicated, it is still important that you follow them, so you don’t accidentally miss out on one of the most exciting parts of the game. After all, Pokemon Leaf Green just wouldn’t feel the same without the virtual wind that goes through your hair as you travel the Kanto region while riding your trusted bicycle.

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