How Do You Get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64?

How to get Wing Cap in Super Mario 64

Out of all the power-ups in Super Mario games, the ones that people remember the most are those that allow you to fly. Whether it is the Tanooki Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3 or the Cape Feather in Super Mario World, any ability that lets Mario take to the skies is a certainty to go down in the … Read more

How Do You Get to Boo’s Balcony in Super Mario 64?

How do you get to boo's balcony in Super Mario 64?

One of the most memorable levels in Super Mario 64 has to be that of Big Boo’s Haunt. Not only is this area interesting for the way that you enter it (more on that later), but its dark aesthetic, gloomy atmosphere and haunted house design strike such a different chord from the relatively cheerful tone of the … Read more

The Top Best Selling Wario Games

Wario games selling

Wario may have started out as just another villain for Mario to defeat, but he has since evolved into an icon of gaming himself. There are now over 20 games that bear the Wario name on it – whether they are the platforming-based Wario Land games or the bombastic WarioWare minigame collections. Known for their … Read more

Super Mario World for the Thrill-Seeking Gamer

How to 100% Speedrun

If you’re a fan of classic side-scrollers, there’s no way you haven’t played a Mario game. From the very first entry on NES to modern giants like Super Mario Odyssey, the world’s most capable plumber (and his brother!) have starred in so many games that he’s quite possibly the most recognizable face in the industry. … Read more