How to Cut Down Trees in Pokemon Emerald

How to Cut Down Trees in Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is a 2005 Gameboy Advance game that acted as the solitary culmination of Gen III, which began in 2003 with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The game is the best way to experience the Hoenn region and is still beloved by Pokemon fans all over the world today. Its storyline is engaging, its collection of Pokemon … Read more

Best N64 RPG Games of all Time

Top N64 RPG games

There can be no doubt that the Nintendo 64 is one of the most beloved consoles of all time. It was a staple of many of our childhoods, it revolutionized 3D gaming, and it is home to some of the greatest games of all time. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, the … Read more

How Do You Get to Boo’s Balcony in Super Mario 64?

How do you get to boo's balcony in Super Mario 64?

One of the most memorable levels in Super Mario 64 has to be that of Big Boo’s Haunt. Not only is this area interesting for the way that you enter it (more on that later), but its dark aesthetic, gloomy atmosphere and haunted house design strike such a different chord from the relatively cheerful tone of the … Read more

Why I Love JRPG Games

I love JRPG games!

The JRPG. Japanese Role Playing Game. One of the most celebrated genres in all of gaming. And for me, it stands as my personal favorite of all time.  What is it about the JRPG that is so inherently magical? Is it their sweeping stories that feature memorable characters, imaginative worlds, and themes that are not … Read more

How to Catch Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen

How to Catch Chansey in Pokemon LeafGreen

Ah, Chansey! Everyone’s favorite pink egg-shaped Pokemon is absolutely impossible to find and even harder to catch. Well… absolutely impossible may be a bit hyperbolic, but there is no denying that Chansey is one of the hardest Pokemon to get into your team. While Chansey is difficult to obtain in all games they feature, perhaps … Read more

Where do you get the Running Shoes in Pokemon FireRed?

Where do you get the Running Shoes in Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon FireRed is the Gameboy Advance remake of the classic Pokemon Red that was released for the original Gameboy. The game includes a wealth of quality of life improvements over the original game, bringing it in line with more modern Pokemon design, graphics, mechanics, and audio. One of these improvements is the inclusion of the Running Shoes – … Read more

Where Do You Find the Mayor in Pokemon Sword?

Where do you find the Mayor?

Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch received a DLC in 2019 called Crown Tundra. It was an exciting expansion that, as its name suggests, mainly focused on the colder areas of the Galar region. The main town of Crown Tundra is known as Freezington, located between Slippery Slope and Frostpoint Field, and here you will find … Read more

How to Get a Bike in Pokemon Leaf Green

How to get a bike in Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green is the Gameboy Advance remake of the original Pokemon Blue and introduced the iconic first generation of gamers to a whole new audience of gamers. There are so many fun things about Leaf Green – from its amazing roster of Pokemon, complex battle mechanics, and overall sense of whimsy and adventure. One … Read more

What Pokemon are Only in LeafGreen?

What Pokémon are only in LeafGreen version

Pokemon: LeafGreen is the Gameboy Advance remake of the first generation of Pokemon games and was paired with Pokemon: FireRed. As with all generations of Pokemon games, LeafGreen featured a range of Pokemon that you could only obtain in this version of the game. In order to complete your Pokedex, you would need to find … Read more

The Top Best Selling Wario Games

Wario games selling

Wario may have started out as just another villain for Mario to defeat, but he has since evolved into an icon of gaming himself. There are now over 20 games that bear the Wario name on it – whether they are the platforming-based Wario Land games or the bombastic WarioWare minigame collections. Known for their … Read more