Donkey Kong Country series ranking

Donkey Kong Country Series

The Donkey Kong Country series features some of the greatest 2D platforming known to video games. Thanks to two excellent developers who have produced titles for the series, Rare and Retro Studios, the franchise holds multiple top-tier titles beloved by millions of gamers. With a penchant for excellent level design, tight controls, lovely visuals, and … Read more

Pokemon Big and Small: all 649

It’s no secret that Pokemon come in all different shapes and sizes. With nearly 900 types of Pokemon, each vaguely based on a different animal from the real world, it’s only natural that their scale is going to vary depending on their specific real-world influence. And for those Pokemon that don’t have discernible roots in … Read more

Sonic vs. The Flash

Sonic vs The Flash

Sonic the Hedgehog and DC’s The Flash are two of the fastest beings in media. Who takes the cake in a head-to-head match-up, though? To answer that question, we’ll compare the speedy hedgehog with DC’s red speedster across a few different areas: comics, movies and TV, games, and, of course, an outright test of speed. … Read more

Pokémon Platinum vs Pokémon Black & White

Pokémon Platinum versus Black & White

If Your Time is Limited, Which Pokémon Game Should You Play? It’s virtually impossible to be completely unfamiliar with Pokémon. As a franchise, it has usurped such titans as Mickey Mouse in terms of global brand familiarity. The anime has produced new episodes uninterruptedly for over two decades. The card game has dozens of full-fledged … Read more

Top 10 Best Nintendo DS Games

Best 10 Nintendo DS games

The Nintendo DS has a lot of games. How many games, you ask? A fair bit over two thousand, that’s how many. We still have an absolute wealth of titles in our DS library. Wealth enough to worry over which games to play! Narrowing down the top 10 best Nintendo DS games is an ordeal, … Read more

Top 10 Dungeons in the Zelda series

Top 10 Zelda Dungeons

We here at IheartNintendo absolutely love The Legend of Zelda. And how couldn’t we? Zelda is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, delighting millions upon millions of people with mind-boggling puzzles, a sweeping sense of adventure, and charming worlds for over 35 years and counting. Folks are always thirsty for … Read more

Super Mario World for the Thrill-Seeking Gamer

How to 100% Speedrun

If you’re a fan of classic side-scrollers, there’s no way you haven’t played a Mario game. From the very first entry on NES to modern giants like Super Mario Odyssey, the world’s most capable plumber (and his brother!) have starred in so many games that he’s quite possibly the most recognizable face in the industry. … Read more

How Sonic the Hedgehog Was Created

Sonic 30th anniversary

It’s hard to imagine a time without Sonic. The speedy blue blur has been a part of the video game industry since 1991, and while there have been some undeniable low points in his career, every gamer knows Sonic the Hedgehog when they see him. He’s nearly as iconic as Mario, and for a long … Read more