Pokemon Big and Small: all 649

It’s no secret that Pokemon come in all different shapes and sizes. With nearly 900 types of Pokemon, each vaguely based on a different animal from the real world, it’s only natural that their scale is going to vary depending on their specific real-world influence. And for those Pokemon that don’t have discernible roots in the actual animal kingdom – I’m looking at you Jynx – then it’s just more of an opportunity for the artists to get creative with their size.

Pokémon infographic
Source: DOTBstudios

Yet, when you play a Pokemon game, it can be easy to lose track of how big or small certain creatures can be. After all, when you see them in the field or during a battle, their true size can only really be hinted at. That’s where DOTBstudios comes in. This talented Deviant Art user posted a handy size graph back in 2014 that does an excellent job showcasing the scale between the various Pokemon from Gen 1-VI. And today, we’re going to put on our Pokemon researcher coats, whip out our Detective Pikachu magnifying glass, and see what we can find. This size graph uses the size information for each generation of Pokemon and compiles them all together in what their true scale in comparison to each other would be. Let’s see what stands out (or hides away).


Let’s start with the giant elephant (we, whale) in the room. Whailord clearly dominates this picture as the largest of the Pokemon, at least up until Gen VI. Officially listed at 47 feet in length according to the Pokédex, this titanic water-type Pokemon dwarfs so many of the other Pokémon around it. And it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Wailord is based on the Blue Whale, the largest living creature on this planet. There’s simply no missing Wailord on this graph, and this magnificent creature is likely to be the first thing that catches the eye of anyone who looks.


On the opposite end of the size spectrum, we have Joltik – the bug/electric type Pokemon that was first introduced in Gen V. To be blunt, Joltik is tiny. That shouldn’t come as a shock given it’s partly a bug type of Pokemon, but even so, at just 10cm in height, Joltik looks prone to be stomped on at any moment. It doesn’t mean this little guy can’t pack a punch, just be sure to not put him at the bottom of your Pokemon collection.

Primal Kyogre

Enough small talk. Kyogre is already a large enough specimen, having control over the Hoenn oceans in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire¸ but this majestic creature balloons out to double its size in its primal form. And it makes sense, as this manifestation of the ocean itself will need a body to support all of that tremendous power. And although it may not be quite as long as Wailord, Primal Kyorge does get points for being the heaviest of the water-type Pokemon. Must be all that water inside.

Mega Rayquaza

Another Gen III alumni, Mega Rayquaza looks like a neon dragon serpent taken right from the cover of a heavy metal album. At 35 feet long, Mega Rayquaza certainly knows how to impress. Rumoured to be hundreds of millions of years old, it’s easy to see how this creature obtained its immense size. Yet don’ t be too intimidated, as Mega Rayquaza is often considered to be the most passive out of Hoenn’s weather trio.


Hailing all the way back to the first Generation of Pokemon, Onix used to be king. Well, king of the largest Pokemon, at least. Onix was Brock’s go-to Pokemon, and this rock/ground creature doesn’t fail to intimidate. Standing at 28 feet tall, perhaps the most impressive thing about Onix is that it isn’t an evolution nor are they legendary. They have simply been created with the intent of being big and generations of gamers have never forgotten them.


One of the aura trio in Gen VI, Yveltal acts as the Pokemon of Destruction. And for such an intimidating job description, Yveltal’s size more than lives up to it. At 19 feet, this Pokemon is able to absorb the life force of other living entities whenever it expands it wingspan to full stretch. If that’s not enough to make you quiver in your Pokeball, then maybe Yvetal’s dangerous talons and razor-sharp eyes will make you think twice about crossing its path.


Let’s end this list of Pokemon with one of the smallest – if not the smallest – out of them all. Flabebe, the adorable fairy-type Pokemon, is a mere four inches tall and as cute as can be. It’s droopy eyes and floppy ears tug at the heart strings and make it one of the most endearing Pokemon out there. What tips it over the edge is the fact that it has to ride around on a colourful flower. So cute! It may be at the bottom of the Pokemon animal kingdom, but don’t discount its power. Flabebe still knows how to stand toe to toe with the Pokemon above it, or at least, stand at their toes…

And there you have it. If you want a better idea of the different Pokemon sizes when compared with each, then be sure to check out the graph yourself. It’s fascinating to see all these familiar designs given some actual scale. It really makes you wonder what these creatures would look like if they roamed the real world. Who knows, maybe that’ll be possible one day. I just hope I don’t cross paths with Yveltal…