What Pokemon are Only in LeafGreen?

Pokemon: LeafGreen is the Gameboy Advance remake of the first generation of Pokemon games and was paired with Pokemon: FireRed. As with all generations of Pokemon games, LeafGreen featured a range of Pokemon that you could only obtain in this version of the game. In order to complete your Pokedex, you would need to find a friend who owned FireRed and trade between the two games. So, to make life easier for you, we have listed every Pokemon that you can only collect in LeafGreen so you can go out there and catch ‘em all!


Sandshrew is a ground type Pokemon that has an appearance similar to that of an armadillo. Their skin pattern allows them to easily blend in with their surroundings and they love to live underground.

After reaching Level 22, they will evolve into a Sandslash, now sporting spikes along their back and a pair of sharp claws on each hand.


Vulpix is a fire type Pokemon that can commonly be found in grassy plains across the lands. It vaguely resembles a dog and can be easily identified for its brownish-red fur and fluffy tail.

Once a Vulpix has been exposed to a fire stone, it evolves into Ninetales. As its name suggests, this Pokemon indeed has nine luscious tails that ensures it is easily identifiable amongst the other fire type Pokemon out there.


Bellsprout is a grass/poison type Pokemon that looks like it should be defending a suburban home from zombies. It’s cute little rooty legs, clown-shaped mouth, and leaf arms makes it a striking Pokemon that you won’t soon forget.

After level 21, you can evolve Bellsprout into Weepinbell. This Pokemon still has the same open-gaped mouth and leaf arms as Bellsprout, but its wide-open eyes and smaller body makes it quite the sight to behold.

Finally, you have Victreebel, which is the final evolution of Weepinbell when exposed to a leaf stone. Victreebel definitely takes influence after Venus fly traps, with its menacing sharp-toothed mouth hiding behind a leafy lid. Gone are the cute beady eyes and overall pleasant demeanour of its past evolutions, as this Pokemon means business.


Slowpoke may not operate at super-sonic speeds, but that doesn’t make it any less effective in your party. This water/psychic Pokemon does not strike a very intimidating pose, as it opts to slide around on its stomach and greet everyone with a big goofy grin. However, that doesn’t mean that Slowpoke can’t pack a punch and is certainly worth tracking down – not that it will take too much to catch them!

After level 37, you can evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro. Slowbro has one of the most unique designs in the entire game, with the happy creature now standing on its two hindlegs, but with a giant shell seemingly biting into their tail!


As its name suggests, Staryu is a water-type Pokemon in the shape of a star. It also has a gem in its centre that is known as the core. If any of Staryu’s appendages are eaten by a predator, then it can simply grow them back.

After being exposed to a water stone, Staryu evolves into Starmie. Starmie has a larger red gem in its core, while also having five inverted appendages placed behind its normal body. Additionally, Starmie is also a water/psychic Pokemon, meaning this star can shine that even bit brighter.


Magmar is the evolution from Magby and is a fire type Pokemon that has a really sizzling look. Magmar has flames at both the tip of its tails and as hair on top of its head. Its cool eyes contrast sharply with its burning orange body and if that wasn’t all, Magmer also has some pretty sick spikes lining its back.


Pinsir is not the type of Pokemon you want to find lying around in your show in the morning. This bug type Pokemon has a nasty pair of pincers lining its head, each covered in small, sharp spikes. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a vertical mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth, just waiting to take a chunk off your finger if you don’t close the Pokeball on it properly.


Marill is water-type Pokemon that evolves from Azurill after level 18. It’s mouse-lik equalities make it an endearing companion during your travels, with a zig-zagging tail that culminates in a blue pom-pom at its end. It’s jolly smile never fails to put one on your face and those ears may as well be illegal, they’re that cute!

After levelling up enough times, Marill evolves into Azumarill, which takes on more of a bunny-rabbit shape, without losing any of the adorable-ness. Azumarill has large floppy ears and white spots on its body, but it retains that iconic tail and welcoming smile.


Misdreavus is a ghost type Pokemon that was originally introduced in Gen II but made its way over to the LeafGreen remake. Misdreavus has a complexion that can only be described as haunting meets charming. Its crimson pearl necklace and droopy red eyes give it an elegance that is often lacking from ghost type Pokemon, but its misty shape means there is no denying it comes from another world.


Sneasel is a dark/ice type Pokemon that resembles both a cat and a weasel. It’s blue fur, red ears and spikes, and devious grin make it one of the more distinct looking Pokemon out there and should be near the top of any LeafGreen players who are looking to fill out their Pokedex.

And there you have it. All the Pokemon that you can only get in Pokemon LeafGreen. While there may be a few more various evolutions out there that haven’t been mentioned in this article – such as Slowking, Octillery, Magby, and Azurill, – this list should dhopefully be a good jumping off point for any players looking for that completion status.