Where Do You Find the Mayor in Pokemon Sword?

Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch received a DLC in 2019 called Crown Tundra. It was an exciting expansion that, as its name suggests, mainly focused on the colder areas of the Galar region. The main town of Crown Tundra is known as Freezington, located between Slippery Slope and Frostpoint Field, and here you will find the character of the Mayor waiting to help you on your adventures. Except, the elusive Mayor isn’t exactly where they should be, and you need to track them down to progress with the story. Here is how you find the Mayor in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC. 

The Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvests 

The Mayor of Freezington is an important NPC in the Crown Tundra expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield. As the Crown Tundra splits its story quests into various segments, you first need to initiate the Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvest quest. 

You will need to head inside the Freeze Inn in Freezington and talk to Peony. They will offer you a group of items that are, in fact, the Legendary Clues 1-3. The Legendary Clues form a significant part of the main story and, therefore, must be investigated to progress the plot. 

The first Legendary Clue will read the following: 

“There’s a fairy tale in Freezington about the Legendary Pokemon known as the King of Bountiful Harvests. In the legends, the king is said to wear a massive crown on its head, but the wooden statue near the fields in the middle of the village shows no sign of a crown.”

As the clue suggests, you need to go and investigate the statues of the King of Bountiful Harvests. To find this statue, you must walk out of the inn and see it standing there. By stepping up to the figure and interacting with it, you will discover that it is missing its crown and that you need to find the correct item to replace it. Head back inside the Freeze in and grab the Wooden Crown sitting on one of the tables inside. 

Take the Wooden Crown and interact with the statue once more, placing the crown on top. Once the crown has been reunited with the figure, you will trigger a cutscene showing the Legendary Pokemon Calyrex in a nearby clearing. Walk over to that clearing and engage in a battle with Calyrex. After defeating Calyrex, another cutscene will show that you have to speak to every NPC in Freezington. 

And so begins your job to go and talk to every villager in town. They will speak to the fact that they don’t really remember the King of Bountiful Harvests. After speaking to every villager in Freezington, you will be prompted to head back to Calyrex, who will discover that the town no longer remembers. You will watch another cutscene in which Calyrex reveals that they have lost their loyal steed. Once this has finished, you will be prompted to go and visit the Mayor’s house. 

How to Track Down the Mayor in Pokemon Sword and Shield 

While the Mayor will usually be inside their home in Freezington, during this segment of the Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvests quest, you will discover that they are nowhere to be found. 

Instead, to find the Mayor, you will need to head out the southern exit of Freezington and right through Frostpoint Field. After this, you will enter the Giant’s Bed area. Keep heading directly south, and you will find the Mayor standing at the center of this area, next to some fields. 

Speak to him, and you will trigger a cutscene discussing Calyrex’s loyal steed. While the Mayor won’t disclose any information while at Giant’s Bed, he will head back to his cozy home in Freezington. Head back to his house and ask him again about Calyrex’s loyal steed. He will tell you to head over to his bookshelf, where you can read a series of books to learn about the King of Bountiful Harvests. 

What to Do After Finding the Mayor 

Now that you have found the Mayor of Freezington, you can continue progressing the storyline of the Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvests quest. After exiting the Mayor’s house, talk to Calyrex again in the clearing. You will watch another cutscene where you will need to answer with Carrots. 

The next step is to grow some carrots to lure Calyrex’s loyal steed out. To obtain Carrot Seeds, you will need to exchange 8x Dynite Ore with the NPC standing by the fields in Freezington. Now that you have the Carrot Seeds, you will want to speak to Calyrex once again, where you will find out that there are two locations to plant the seeds. 

The first place is in the Old Cemetery, where you can grow Shaderoot Carrots to summon a Ghost-type Pokemon. The second is in Snowslide Slope, where you can grow Iceroot Carrots to summon an Ice-type Pokemon. After this, the story of the Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvests will continue to progress, with you capturing the Legendary Pokemon Calyrex itself. 

That’s How You find the Mayor in Pokemon Sword 

While finding the Mayor may only be a small part of the Legend of the King of Bountiful Harvest quest line, it’s still an essential part of the quest many players get stumped on the first time. Hopefully, you know exactly where to go and what to do during this exciting storyline with the Crown Tundra of Pokemon Sword and Shield.