How do You Get to Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64?

How do You Get to Hideout Helm in Donkey Kong 64?

Hideout Helm is the eighth level in Donkey Kong 64 and is a part of K. Rool’s Mobile Island Fortress. It is considered to be the last regular level of the game before you start to make your way to the end game. However, it isn’t always obvious how to access Hideout Helm, especially since it appears … Read more

How do You Get Chunky Kong in Donkey Kong 64?

How to get Chunky Kong in DK 64?

Donkey Kong 64 is famous in the Donkey Kong series for allowing you to play multiple characters in the Kong family. While you start the game out as the titular Donkey Kong, you eventually unlock Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Lanky Kong, and last but not least, Chunky Kong. Each of these characters brings with them their … Read more

Pokémon Platinum versus HeartGold: The Ultimate Battle

Pokemon Platinum Version Vs. HeartGold

The popular Pokemon franchise has been around for decades with no signs of slowing down. From humble roots in Pallet Town on the classic Game Boy to Galarian escapades on Nintendo Switch and beyond, few things in our world are more iconic than a certain electric mouse and his ever-expanding entourage.  Every series has its highs and … Read more

Where Can I Get the Lucky Egg in Fire Red?

How to get lucky egg in Pokemon FireRed

When you first hear about the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red, it immediately sounds intriguing. After all, how could it not? What makes the Lucky Egg lucky? What sort of fortunes will it bestow upon the play fortunate enough to obtain one. But how do you obtain one? If the Lucky Egg really is so … Read more

How to Get the Metal Coat in Pokemon Emerald

How to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald was the final edition of the third generation of Pokemon games, pulling together everything cherished about Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and polishing all the edges to create one of the most beloved games in the series. The game became loved amongst fans for its expansive roster of Pokemon, exciting region, and abundance of interesting items. One of the most exciting … Read more

Top 10 Underrated Gameboy Advance Games

Top 10 GBA Underrated - Ranking

At a time when the future of gaming seemed to be moving exclusively towards 3D, the Nintendo Gameboy Advance offered us one final look back at the glory days of 2D gaming. In many ways, the GBA feels like the last “retro” consoles, even though many of its best games don’t feel outdated in the … Read more

How Do You Get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64?

How to get Wing Cap in Super Mario 64

Out of all the power-ups in Super Mario games, the ones that people remember the most are those that allow you to fly. Whether it is the Tanooki Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3 or the Cape Feather in Super Mario World, any ability that lets Mario take to the skies is a certainty to go down in the … Read more

Top 10 Underrated Nintendo DS Games

Top 10 Underrated Nintendo DS games

The Nintendo DS is one of the most beloved systems of all time. With other 150 million units sold, it also stands as one of the bestselling. With so many people having been introduced to gaming through the DS, it certainly holds a special place in the hearts of millions. And it’s easy to see … Read more