Where Can I Get the Lucky Egg in Fire Red?

When you first hear about the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red, it immediately sounds intriguing. After all, how could it not? What makes the Lucky Egg lucky? What sort of fortunes will it bestow upon the play fortunate enough to obtain one. But how do you obtain one? If the Lucky Egg really is so lucky, then surely it has got to be a challenge to find one, let alone get it in your own pockets. 

Well, the Lucky Egg certainly is a lucky item, but getting your hands on one in Pokemon Fire Red is going to require a lot of luck. To get a Lucky Egg in this game, you have to first catch one of the hardest-to-catch Pokemon in the entire region, and only then do you have a very slim chance of getting a Lucky Egg alongside. 

The odds are certainly stacked against you, but this doesn’t make it impossible. On the contrary, with a lot of patience and a bucket load of luck, you can get a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red and use its neat features on your Pokemon. 

How to Find the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red

To find the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red, you need to catch a Chansey in the Safari Zone. As its name suggests, the Chansey is not an easy Pokemon to come across, let alone catch. In fact, there is only a 1-4% chance of you catching a wild Chansey while in the Safari Zone. The poor odds don’t end there; however, if you do manage to catch a Chansey, there is only a 5% chance of it holding a Lucky Egg. 

While these stats don’t sound too promising – and we are not going to lie to you, the Lucky Egg is one of, if not the most, difficult item to acquire in Pokemon Fire Red – there are some strategies you can implement that ever so slightly increase your chances of finally getting a hold of that beautiful Lucky Egg. Let us take a look at the most optimal approach to obtaining this very exclusive item. 

How to Catch a Chansey in Pokemon Fire Red 

As discussed before, the only way of getting a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red is to catch a wild Chansey, and the only way to do that is to visit the Safari Zone to the north of Fuchsia City. 

The Safari Zone is a special area that is home to a range of wild Pokemon, including the Chansey. You will need 500 Pokedollars to enter the Safari Zone, and as you will most likely need to enter more than once, make sure you budget for multiple entries. The Safari Zone is a unique location in Fire Red as it limits you to 30 Safari Balls, Rocks, and Bait. Additionally, you only have a limited number of steps you can take in the Safari Zone before you are kicked out. This means that you have to be extremely careful with your time when in the Safari Zone if you want to encounter and catch a Chansey. 

The Safari Zone is split up into multiple different Areas. It is important to note that Chansey can only be encountered in two of these regions – the Centre Area and Area 2. The Centre Area is the first place that you access when entering the Safari Zone, which means that you don’t have to use up as many footsteps before hopefully encountering a Chansey. Area 2 can be accessed by surfing to the north of the Centre Area, which is the quickest route, or by going to the northwest pocket of Area 1 and heading west. 

Obviously, making the journey over to Area 2 is going to take more time, but this area has a 4% rate of encountering Chansey as opposed to a 1% chance in the Centre Area. 4% is obviously still a really low number, but it is much better reading than 1%, making it worth the trek over to Area 2 if you ask us. Both areas have a 5% chance of obtaining a Lucky Egg if you catch a Chansey. 

Speaking of catching a Chansey, how does one actually do that? Because the cheeky little things love nothing more than fleeing from battles, making it extremely frustrating to successfully catch one. As stated earlier, you only have access to Safari Balls in the Safari Zone, so the best strategy to catching a Chansey is simply throwing a bunch of these Balls and hoping that one sticks the landing. You may be tempted to throw either a Rock or Bait at the Chansey, but this usually scares them off. 

So, it is really difficult to find a Chansey and really difficult to catch a Chansey. However, the most disheartening thing is that you can successfully do all of this and still not end up with a Lucky Egg. However, if all the stars align and the gods smile down on you, then this is the best approach to obtaining a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red

How to Use a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red 

Now that you finally have a Lucky Egg in your possession, how do you actually use it? And what does it actually do? Well, you can give a Lucky Egg to any Pokemon in your possession, and it will increase the number of experience points it receives from then on. 

Does that sound like a worthwhile reward for all the hard work and toil you had to invest in obtaining one? We will let you decide that one, but as they say: it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. And we can say for certainty that finding a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red is most definitely a journey you won’t forget. 

Feeling lucky? Try your hand at getting a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red today!

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