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Danny DeVito Was Sought Out to Play Eponymous Plumber in Super Mario Movie

For hardcore Mario Movie fans (such as myself) this is old news. Blake Harris, author of the must-read Console Wars dug up an old Associated Press that spoke to this fact.

We all know DeVito has the chops to play a scrappy Brooklyn plumber, but I just can’t imagine anyone else but Bob Hoskins in the role. He’s one of the reasons I love the film so much. Would you have preferred to see DeVito in red overalls fighting Koopa over Hoskins? [❤]

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As a backer for the SFC book, I received an e-mail from the creator explaining the issue. It's more of a time thing. That is, he wanted to press these books as soon as the funding was over. Now, he wants to spend more time understanding and deciphering the various copyright complications. He stated interest in continuing the project at some point, however.

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A silver lining! There’s hope yet.

that super famicom book kickstarter took down its funding due to some copyright issues or something. I'm really pissed though cuz when I checked it out i got really excited, but maybe it'll happen some day

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Aww, damn. I thought they had squared copyright issues away. 

That’s a shame.