Why I Love JRPG Games

I love JRPG games!

The JRPG. Japanese Role Playing Game. One of the most celebrated genres in all of gaming. And for me, it stands as my personal favorite of all time.  What is it about the JRPG that is so inherently magical? Is it their sweeping stories that feature memorable characters, imaginative worlds, and themes that are not … Read more

Where Do You Find the Mayor in Pokemon Sword?

Where do you find the Mayor?

Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch received a DLC in 2019 called Crown Tundra. It was an exciting expansion that, as its name suggests, mainly focused on the colder areas of the Galar region. The main town of Crown Tundra is known as Freezington, located between Slippery Slope and Frostpoint Field, and here you will find … Read more